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pinterest tips collage

Okay, so I know in a few other posts I have sung the praises of Pinterest.  I think a lot of people don’t understand why I love Pinterest so much.  True, it has changed a little since its early days, and now sometimes the amount of pins can be overwhelming.  I love Pinterest for home decor ideas, awesome DIY projects, and FOOD.  So much good food on Pinterest, plus it’s really helped me figure out what to cook since having to go gluten free.

But what I REALLY love about Pinterest is that every once in a while, someone will post something so genius that I say to myself, “Of course!  Why didn’t I think of that?”  These are usually little tips for cleaning or organizing, but they have a big impact on everyday life.  In no particular order, here are my favorite Pinterest tips – things that I have actually done and have worked beautifully.

1. Dawn/vinegar cleaning solution – Odds are, if you’ve been on Pinterest long enough, you have run into one of these homemade cleaning solutions.  Guess what?  They are WORTH the hype.  This simple solution cut away years of grime from my shower and bathtub, and took almost no elbow grease to get off.  Stinky?  Yes, but worth it.


2. Put Vicks vaporub on your kids’ feet when they have a cold.  What, wha??? I know what you’re thinking.  This one is straight up weird.  I had seen it, read it, but thought it was nonsense until a coworker of mine swore by it, and he has never heard of Pinterest.  It was passed down from his family.  So I did some more research on it, and found out that the bottom of your feet are some of the most porous parts of your body.  Putting the Vicks vaporub there, instead of your chest, actually gets it into your system faster.  And no more waking up with a cough in the middle of the night.  You can also use a natural, organic version of Vicks if you prefer – it still works.


3. Toilet paper rolls as cord keepers.  Really, this one is so brilliant – it works perfectly.  The beauty of this is not only that it’s cheap, and it turns a messy area into a neat one, it’s that when you get one cord out (i.e. one toilet paper roll) it doesn’t mess the rest of them up.  Yay. And also, as long as you use toilet paper (and I sure hope you do), this one is FREE.


4. Pot divider / pan divider thingie.  The photo has it installed horizontally, but that involves screwing it into your cabinets.  When I used this tip, I was renting and couldn’t do that.  So instead, it set it in my cabinet vertically and it works great.  Now I can take out one pan without having to fiddle with the rest of them.  This particular one is not sold at Lowe’s anymore, but you can find things like this at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Amazon.


5. Re-organize your drawer.  This one will cost you absolutely nothing and won’t require any extra materials.  But it will save you crazy amounts of space and make your clothes (or your husband’s, or your children’s) so much easier to find.  Just fold your clothes, and then set them in your drawer like so:


6. Put a lazy susan in your fridge.  This one made me do a total facepalm.  Of course!  Naturally, you should measure your fridge first – these turntables come in different sizes after all.  I got a big one and put it on my lower shelf.  I think I might buy another for my top shelf.  It’s so handy not to have to reach over things in your fridge.  And another bonus – if something spills, you can just take your lazy susan out and clean it, instead of cleaning your fridge.


7.  How to clean a microfiber couch.  I admit it – I was fooled by the fancy sales pitch that claimed you couldn’t stain microfiber.  I even brought a fabric sample home and left red wine on it overnight, and it wiped off the next day.  And no stain.  But no one ever said that a microfiber couch was “kid-proof”.  It’s not.  See, that stain that I avoided left a tell tale puddle mark.  Grrr.  So I regaled the microfiber couch to the little-used living room, but a blanket over it, and called it a day.  Until I found this post – and I was able to clean that sh*& off!  And all it takes is rubbing alcohol and a little elbow grease.  You’re welcome.


8.  Last but not least is this little do-dad to put on your faucet.  If you don’t have small children, then don’t waste your money on this.  But if you DO have small children, small children who are potty trained but can’t reach the faucet on their own, then YES!  Buy this little do-dad.  It’s great.  And when your kids get bigger just take it off your faucet.  No harm done.


That’s how Pinterest has changed my life so far – how will it change yours?


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